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Art & Paragliding - GIOXI LOVE: MY WINGS

Nov 04, 2015



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          MyWings bracelet with colorit heart

Every day can be a day of love :)

Silver (92,5%), Hungarian hallmark.

Available with shiny or matte surface.

Optional finishes:

  • white, black, brown or blue rhodium or

  • yellow or rosé gold coating

White rhodium is the most durable and it also has a beautiful metal finish. Usually, white rhodium does not turn black due to oxidation. White rhodium is really special so I advise to wear it only for special occasions.

My favourite is rosé gold with black cord.

I wear mine every day, so it has to be gilted every 3 weeks but I do not mind. :)

You can choose from the following colours for the paraglider cord: white, pink, red, light blue, dark blue, purple, green, neon green, black.

You can chose any colour of the rainbow for the colorit enamel.

Design your jewellery as you like it.




My Wings „Rosé daydreaming” bracelet with heart

Made of (silk matte 92,5%) silver with rosé gold coating. Hungarian hallmark.

The heart is white colorit enamel.

Cord: white

Recommended with elegant outfit for special occasions.











MyWings bracelet

Why did I choose paraglider sister clips (from paragliding speed system) for my jewelleries?

Because one of the most exciting thing when you use your speed bar between two thermals and hope for a successful long flight.

Good flights for everyone!






MyWings Medal

MYW Medal

Silver paraglider medal with rhodium. Cloisonné coloured with colorit.

Colorit is a modern and highly durable enamel.

It does not fade nor crack.

It can be ordered in 16 different colours.





 MyWings Swarovskí Medal

 MYW SW Medal

 Medal made of 92,5% silver with pink gold coating or rhodium,

 with white Swarovski stones and white cord.

 Hungarian hallmark.

 Adjustable size (40-50 cm)

 Do not expose it to water or moisture.

 I recommend it for occasional wear.




                                                                                                          Szerkesztés alatt, kérlek látogass vissza később! 

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